Elopement Photographer vs Traditional Photographer

Elopement Photographer vs Traditional Photographer

You are curious about the differences in wedding photographers and elopement photographers. Maybe you are confused about who to hire for your big event?

If so, you’re in the right place! We will be comparing the services of two photographers in this blog post.

But before you understand the differences, let’s first define what an elopement is and what a regular wedding is. Both events follow a different path.

Elopements are intimate, meaningful weddings that are personal and memorable for the couples. Elopements do not involve regular weddings, which require guests to be invited. The entire process is intimate and involves often only the bride or the groom. Locations chosen for elopement tend to be peaceful, idyllic, or tranquil. You can elope anywhere you want with the love of your life. It doesn’t matter if you want to elope in stunning mountains or on pristine turquoise lakeshores. Elopements can be described as a wedding celebration without a reception, first dance or speeches. It centers around the couple.

However, regular wedding celebrations include all the traditions of the past and present, and a guest count that can range from 50 to 200+.

What is an elopement photographer, you ask?

Elopement photographers are those who specialize in photographing elopements, intimate locations, and micro-weddings. These photos capture the intimate, unique experience of lovebirds.

And a regular wedding photographer?

A wedding photographer is usually hired for 8 hours to capture the day’s events. This includes capturing the most important moments of the wedding ceremony and reception, as well as the First Dance, Family Portraits, getting-ready photos, bridal party photographs and many other special moments.

What’s the difference between these two photographers?

Elopement photographers can sign marriage certificates and offer suggestions on how to tie the knot in a unique manner. Elopement photographers can also assist with the planning process, such as helping you to find your dream location and planning a timeline. Hire an elopement photographer if you plan to marry the love of your lives at an idyllic location.

If you are looking for traditional wedding ceremonies and have plans to host more than 30 people, then you should consider hiring a wedding photographer. These photographers are great if you’re getting married in a wedding venue such as a church, garden, barnyard, or manor house. You can also hire a photographer to help you capture the most special moments, from the getting-ready photos to the exit with the sparklers.

I hope you find the above article on the differences between wedding and elopement photographers helpful. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Let’s make your dream wedding photos together!

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