Do I Really Need a Wedding Shot List?

Do I Really Need a Wedding Shot List?

What’s a wedding photography shot list?

Photographers will document every moment possible. However, if there is something you want to capture in particular, curating a list could help you make it happen. Knowing how busy you are on the day, a guide can help us ensure that we don’t forget any special moment.

How to create a checklist?

It doesn’t mean you have to be exact. Photographers will always capture the best moments. However, you can still indicate which shots you are most excited about. You can also tell us little details that have a significant meaning. You can use a gift from your parents, or your spouse to highlight it. You can still choose from 3-5 photos that you would like to display in a frame.

Why would you need a wedding shot list?

A shot list allows everyone to be prepared and makes it easy to plan. It was easy to have a guide for family and friends when taking portraits at Sofia and Juan’s Red Rock Canyon Wedding. We were able to capture more images of the happy couple in the desert glow. The same goes for their elegant reception at Nora’s Italian Cuisine where group photos were taken. They also captured details of the Las Vegas wedding venue’s decoration for them to keep in mind.

It can be difficult for photographers to keep track of every group shot or individual name without a checklist. If you only want candid shots, this might work, but if your goal is to take portraits with certain guests, a checklist for wedding photography will be necessary.

We are happy to discuss your photography requirements with John and Jane if you like the photos. We would love to capture your special day and help you create the perfect wedding shots list.

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