Do I need a second photographer for my wedding

Do I need a second photographer for my wedding

Because of the many decisions you are required to make, it can seem overwhelming to plan a wedding. You need to plan everything from selecting the right venue to hiring a photographer to capture your wedding. This is something most couples overlook. If you are still unsure if a second photographer is needed, John and Jane’s Whatever Hotel Wedding will help you decide.

There will be many things that take place on your wedding day. You want to capture them all. Let’s say your main photographer is focused on you and your partner. Your guests will be limited in photos in this scenario. Most couples who hire a second photographer love to see their guests’ reactions in photos.

Coverage from various angles

John and Jane’s romantic wedding vows were captured from different angles. A second photographer is required to capture the groom and bride’s reactions during intimate moments.

Allows for two types of perspective

Having a unique perspective will help you add variety to the special moments of your memorable day. It is always a wonderful thing to see how other photographers capture the same subject in a unique yet complementary way. This will give the couple more chances to take great photos.

Can be used to cover larger areas

It can be challenging for one person to cover the entire area of a grand, elegant venue like the Whatever Hotel. A second photographer is recommended to capture every detail of your memorable celebration.

Saves you more time

A second photographer can save you time and help you to get the job done faster. This is evident in the getting-ready photos. We can simultaneously capture you both getting ready, since most couples prepare separately.


Every situation is possible. This includes having two cameras and backup batteries for the party. It can be comforting to have a backup. If something extraordinary happens in the lavatory you will still have someone to capture it!

We hope you can see why having a second photographer is so important for your special day. Let us capture your union authentically and authentically. Contact us for more details!

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