Capturing your Las Vegas Vacation | Tips from an experienced Las Vegas Photographer

Capturing your Las Vegas Vacation | Tips from an experienced Las Vegas Photographer

In truth, these are frequently asked questions by customers and friends who say that their photos could be better than they’d like. Of course, experience and years are a big part of why I’m able to produce stunning images, but there are some easy tricks and techniques you can employ to take better photographs that capture the beauty of Las Vegas and our beautiful surrounding desert…

Camera equipment can make an impact.

The best photographs are always taken using an SLR or Mirrorless (or one with lenses you can alter). If you want to spend less money on your equipment, several affordable digital cameras can provide better-quality pictures than a point-and-shoot camera or a phone. Canon, Sony, and Nikon all offer lenses and an SLR kit ranging from $500 to $600. If you’re looking to buy more compact, Fuji and Olympus have smaller mirrorless cameras that can produce excellent photographs. Even if you are using the cameras in auto-mode, the DSLR will always provide more depth of field and better quality in low-light conditions. In the end, you’ll be able to start exploring shutter speeds, apertures, and lenses to achieve the appearance you desire. You could continue to follow these tips using a smartphone, too!

Know shadows and highlights.

Have you ever attempted to capture a picture of yourself in shade or inside in bright light with an windows or background in front of you? The background is entirely white, and you appear to be very dark. This is because cameras aren’t able to expose highlights or shadows. They can only perform either or both. If the structures in the background are located in the sun, then place yourself or your model in the shade. If the building in the background is in the shade, put yourself in the shade as well. You’ll have a more even-looking image in that you can see both the subject and the background. If you’re unable to place your body in the sun, and the environment isn’t exposed to the sun, you can use a flash to brighten your subject.

The time of day is vital.

Photographers prefer to shoot in the early hours of the day or around sunset for the most exciting cities or landscapes. The sky and clouds are more vivid. If you’re looking to shoot the Strip at night , with lighting on, try it just before dusk, when there’s still some color within the night sky. Use tripods if you have one, or simply put the camera on a wooden or window sill to ensure that you don’t have any blur. The least flattering lighting for photographing anything or anyone in is usually during the midday hours. Sunlight at noon creates harsh dark shadows that are unforgiving to subjects.

Be sure to remember candids.

You’ll probably need to take photos of your vacations and you taking pictures in front of famous spots along the Strip. However, sometimes the most memorable shots are ones you didn’t know you took. You should have your camera on every day… change direction and snap a photo of your group walking through the Strip, or a unique artwork, a sign hanging on the wall, that incredible margarita you stopped for downtown, or even some random Elvis impersonator driving his Cadillac on the street. These are the images that will bring memories.

Find the unexplored areas.

Everyone takes a photo near the Welcome to Vegas sign, which I’m sure is a must-have; however there are numerous other places you can take photos that will reflect your Vegas vacation, be it in natural or an urban location. Find interesting lighting, angles, and higher vantage points to make your photos more exciting. Visit these locations: the Neon Museum, Red Rock National Conservation Area, Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town, The Foundation Room, Valley of Fire State Park, Lake Mead, East Fremont bars, as well as Henderson’s Booze District Happy Hour on The High Roller, and the Arts District First Friday. Take a look at these specials for Vegas tours and other attractions for the places listed above.

Of course, if you’re looking to make lasting memories, consider hiring professional photographers to take pictures of your family and friends while you travel! You’ll be able to get some amazing images that you can post via social media, and perhaps, even brighten your holiday cards.

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