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Just received the online galleries from your wedding photographer and you're thinking what to do with all these pictures today? Two things are essential before you go forward with your life and fail to make use of your wedding photo gallery! The first is to secure your photos while the other is to be sure that your photographs are honored. Here are the best methods to accomplish both things!

There are many methods to secure your photos for the duration of your life. The two most popular options are local and online storage. Online storage is a cloud backup service like Google, Dropbox, Edrive and a brand new service that works with your Pic-time gallery. Local storage is an essential memory drive that is kept at a secure location within your home. The most cost-effective and simple method to achieve this is to use USB thumb drives! They are also a cost-effective and convenient option to share your photos with family and friends who may not have access or the knowledge to use an online platform. You can even make an online slideshow of your photos which you can view directly on your USB.

Recently, USB Memory Direct gave me several USBs for my clients and I'm extremely impressed. I've been wary about using USB drives in the past due to the fact that they're susceptible to failure and insecure, however, the performance of these USBs has been exceptional and is always supported with USB Memory Direct as well as their outstanding customer service. They are genuine wooden USB thumb drives located within your home, offering you a safe way to store your pictures and an easy way to access them without having to rely on the Internet. You can also purchase more for your family and friends via USB Memory Direct.


Once you have saved your USB for yourself and sent some to your family members then the next thing is to take time to create some images to decorate your home for life! One of the most simple presents you can give to your family members or acquaintances is pictures from the day everyone wishes to keep. As one who has lots of frames, prints and books that I have in my home I'm able to say that it's among the most effective ways to brighten your day or walk through time and be reminded of what life is about.

My favorite thing I create with my clients for their weddings is an album that is hardcover. There is nothing that hits you in the stomach as much as looking through a book with more than 100 of your most loved photos. Large-format prints can also be an excellent way to add some style to your home. My preferred method of displaying it is with a trio consisting of 3 or more Wall Portraits. Another fun way to display your favorites is to use small and large refrigerator magnets or calendars.

Given how chaotic life gets so don't forget to safeguard and preserve your wedding photos by using an external USB drive that is a local or cloud-based source and even prints or albums your home! It's the easiest method to bring an uplifting smile as you sip your morning coffee, or search for a smile during a rainy day.




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