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The photographer for your wedding is a crucial aspect of making your wedding unforgettable. What can you do prior to the photographer's arrival to ensure they get the most out of your wedding day? Here are seven steps that couples can take to get ready.


Add time to your Schedule

The photographer will need time to take perfect photos. You can ensure that they will have the time they need by incorporating them into the wedding schedule you have planned prior to the wedding date. In particular, wedding photographers typically require an hour for photographs while the bride and her attendants are getting ready. Also, taking photos of the wedding venue could take at most 30 minutes. Discuss with your photographer about time frames, and then you can make the event happen.

Arrange for Vendor Meals

Did you make sure all those working during the celebrations are hydrated and fed? Photographers, in particular, arenot likely to have the time to eat a healthy diet throughout the long hours of the wedding day. Make arrangements with your caterer so that they include meals for the other supporting staff for the event. Let the photographer as well as other attendees be aware of the plans.

An ideal opportunity for your photographer to grab a quick bite to eat is during the meal service when your guests are eating or waiting for food.

Create a Key Shot List

Your partner and you must decide in advance which pictures are the ones that are most significant to you. This list of wedding pictures shouldn't attempt to be comprehensive, however. Photographers have a good understanding of the most popular photos that people want. They also possess their own talents and ideas to create images they are confident will be great.

Your task is to make an inventory of the things you consider significant to you. In family photos such as, for example, you might want to take photos of certain people that aren't the norm. Make sure you get a shot of Grandpa performing the famous Chicken Dance. You might have an aspect of the location you enjoy. Perhaps you need to ensure that they capture the gorgeous shoes you purchased.

Designate a Liaison

While the couple at the wedding will spend a lot of time, in contact with their photographer and will be personally engaged, the photographer must also have a person who can be reached during other times. In the end, the couple will be extremely busy throughout the day. The liaison must be familiar with the majority of the wedding guests and family members in order to guide the photographer. They can make their final payments to photographers on behalf of couples. They should also be aware of the date and time of the wedding as well as the locations.

Get the details

The minute particulars of your wedding is one of the most important elements of your wedding album. Let your photographer take these details by collecting them and making them accessible to take pictures. For example, a bride will want to ensure that her veil, dress as well as shoes and jewelry are all in the same location and accessible to the photographer prior to when she begins getting ready. You can also set aside the favorites you would like to photograph.

Clean up spaces

The process of getting ready for a wedding is messy work however, it doesn't always result in beautiful photos. Clean and tidy the areas prior to starting the last part of the "getting ready" process. You could also ask that helpers maintain the appearance of the room while you're getting prepared. If the photographer is scheduled to create photos of your reception or ceremony before guests arrive, ensure you have it ready to take pictures before the time guests arrive.

The photographer will appreciate any effort made by the couple in making their job easier and more effective. 


Are you looking for more ideas to implement today? Begin by talking to an expert in the field. Jerry Martin Photography is here to assist. We'll work together to make sure that every moment of your special day are captured to create the rest of your life as amazing memories.




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