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Portrait photography is among the most popular genres and is an integral part of the art form itself. It is a refined version of live-subject photography where the bulk of the subject (both literal as well as metaphorical) is dragged closer to the subject.


The Five Essential Ingredients to a Great Portrait Photography

Like any other type of photograph, photography in portraiture includes certain essential elements which make the perfect portrait. In order to achieve this, here are the essential elements which make an image of a portrait beautiful.


Big Aperture Option

One of the main characteristics of a portrait lense is the large aperture, which can be opened up to f1.8 at the minimum. This will give you the crucial bokeh effect into your photographs, which blurs the background, making light-coloured objects appear like soft circles. Furthermore, blurred background, and blurred foreground levels tend to concentrate on the subject, which highlights their characteristics.


Enough Focal Length

A lens's focal distance employed must be enough to allow images to be captured from three feet or more away. This is because it's the ideal length, it gives the sharpest possible image quality and also a level of composition (in the case of the prime lens).


Natural Lighting

Despite the widespread use of portrait photography in studios, the truth is that the best portrait is always one taken outdoors. Because the natural light reflects the full spectrum of colors, without being able to absorb any colors like artificial light can and you are assured that you will get the most authentic hues with natural lighting.


The Tight Composition

It is a known reality that the portrait style is a composition that frame faces, as well as the upper torso portion of the subject. It is essential to enable the picture to be considered one that is a portrait. But a more compact frame disengages some of the attention from other elements of the subject and puts it in the face making for a much more compelling and captivating portrait.


An HD Camera

Say whatever you want to say, but there isn't a substitute for a camera which can capture stunningly sharp photos, which can be magnified to the point of being used on billboards! A clear and detailed portrait is a comprehensive and captivating one. And since there are no details of the background or foreground in the image, the precise composition of the subject needs to make up for the details. This is the reason why the highest resolution DSLR is the best choice for portrait photography.


The Composition of Knowledge and the Framing

The most essential component of all is understanding of how you frame and create a picture and also how to deviate from the rules to come up with a stunning photo. The trick here is spot-testing. This means you need to examine a variety of compositions to discover the best.

If you're looking for the finest portrait and multiple-genre photography, within Las Vegas, look no further than Jerry Martin Photography. Send an email here for more information.



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Just received the online galleries from your wedding photographer and you're thinking what to do with all these pictures today? Two things are essential before you go forward with your life and fail to make use of your wedding photo gallery! The first is to secure your photos while the other is to be sure that your photographs are honored. Here are the best methods to accomplish both things!

There are many methods to secure your photos for the duration of your life. The two most popular options are local and online storage. Online storage is a cloud backup service like Google, Dropbox, Edrive and a brand new service that works with your Pic-time gallery. Local storage is an essential memory drive that is kept at a secure location within your home. The most cost-effective and simple method to achieve this is to use USB thumb drives! They are also a cost-effective and convenient option to share your photos with family and friends who may not have access or the knowledge to use an online platform. You can even make an online slideshow of your photos which you can view directly on your USB.

Recently, USB Memory Direct gave me several USBs for my clients and I'm extremely impressed. I've been wary about using USB drives in the past due to the fact that they're susceptible to failure and insecure, however, the performance of these USBs has been exceptional and is always supported with USB Memory Direct as well as their outstanding customer service. They are genuine wooden USB thumb drives located within your home, offering you a safe way to store your pictures and an easy way to access them without having to rely on the Internet. You can also purchase more for your family and friends via USB Memory Direct.


Once you have saved your USB for yourself and sent some to your family members then the next thing is to take time to create some images to decorate your home for life! One of the most simple presents you can give to your family members or acquaintances is pictures from the day everyone wishes to keep. As one who has lots of frames, prints and books that I have in my home I'm able to say that it's among the most effective ways to brighten your day or walk through time and be reminded of what life is about.

My favorite thing I create with my clients for their weddings is an album that is hardcover. There is nothing that hits you in the stomach as much as looking through a book with more than 100 of your most loved photos. Large-format prints can also be an excellent way to add some style to your home. My preferred method of displaying it is with a trio consisting of 3 or more Wall Portraits. Another fun way to display your favorites is to use small and large refrigerator magnets or calendars.

Given how chaotic life gets so don't forget to safeguard and preserve your wedding photos by using an external USB drive that is a local or cloud-based source and even prints or albums your home! It's the easiest method to bring an uplifting smile as you sip your morning coffee, or search for a smile during a rainy day.



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The city of Las Vegas has a lot of history. When casinos were constructed in the city, it became one of the top tourist spots in the world. So if you are planning to have your wedding in Las Vegas, you can take a look at the city's history by taking photographs you snap.

If you plan ahead, you can check for specific areas and historical spots to get your photographs taken.



The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

Built-in 1906, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino is authentically vintage Las Vegas, as it is one of the first casinos in town that is still in operation. It is located on the other side of Fremont Street, which is an ideal backdrop for Las Vegas pictures. Photographs can be taken from the outside of the casino and across from the casino to capture the entire casino as a background.

When you enter the casino, it features many antique decorations and features that could become an integral part of your photography. You can even reserve rooms in the hotel to take beautiful photos in old-fashioned rooms. When you dress in vintage wedding dresses or even the retro casino could be incorporated into the pictures, particularly with black and white images.


The Neon Museum

Pose with a true traditional aspect in Las Vegas at the Neon Museum. When casinos were shut down throughout the decades, the museum started collecting the famous casino signs. Visitors can visit the museum, view the lights illuminated and make them backdrops for wedding photographs.

Signs can be found in a variety of vintage Las Vegas locations, like the Moulin Rouge and or the Stardust casino, as well as the more traditional Caesar's Palace décor. The museum lets you schedule private photography sessions, so you will have ample time to wander around the area, explore, and get your best images.

One of the major attractions for the exhibit is its outdoor space that is on the ground. The signage are placed in the ground so that it is possible to walk up to them and take a photo with all the lighting and colors. The outdoor setting offers photographers the chance to utilize natural light to create beautiful photos to show off your Vegas wedding.



The Nevada State Museum

Another museum that has authentic Las Vegas relics is the Nevada State Museum. The entire wing that‘s devoted to the development and development in Las Vegas, including old slot machines, decorations as well as large photographs that depict the town from years ago. You can take many photos inside the museum while capturing the essence that is Las Vegas.

The rotating exhibits can also include traditional Las Vegas attractions. If you check out the schedule of the museum and exhibits, you will be able to find ones that will match your ideas for wedding pictures and prepare according to your needs. Ideally, you would like exhibits that have huge displays and props that will improve the quality of the photos you shoot.


Coin-operated Slot Machines

Before digital slots became a commonplace at Las Vegas, a lot of machines used coins as the basis for technology. Reels of old were able to spin, stop, and create an atmosphere as the coins fell into trays after a player took home. Although many slot machines are no more in operation you can still find casinos that have real-time coin-based slot machines.

The El Cortez Hotel & Casino has a few rows of the old slot machines that are still operating. The machines are illuminated and provide bright and vibrant images to photograph. Each casino has its own regulations regarding shooting near gaming machines So, you'll need to speak with a casino and obtain permission prior to organizing your wedding photo shoot.

If you are granted permission, be patient, search for the perfect location and utilize the old slots to be a crucial part of your photography.


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5 KEY QUESTIONS TO ASK A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER BEFORE YOU BOOK THEM Wedding photographer vegasWedding photographer vegas


It is recommended to employ a professional wedding photographer who will record your wedding's most memorable moments. You'll want to locate an expert who can provide you with the best wedding photographs possible. With so many photographers, choosing which photographer to work with is difficult.

So, how do you conquer this challenge? Learn about five essential questions you should ask your wedding photographer prior to you deciding to hire them.


How long have you been A Professional Photographer?

Nowadays, anyone can purchase a camera, and claim to be a professional photographer. However, they don't have the knowledge to create quality photos. If you decide to hire an event photographer, ask the photographer how long they've worked in this field.

It is important to select an experienced photographer who you can believe in and who can take top-quality photographs. In addition, the photographer will be able to help you decide when to shoot wedding pictures. The idea is to create photographs of the important moments of your wedding ceremony and reception, to keep those memories with you forever.

What is your Wedding Photography Style?

It is tempting to select the most well-known photographer in order to cut down on time. You think they're skilled and experienced to provide services that will meet your requirements. But, it could be an error if the photographer's style isn't in line with your vision for your wedding.

They'll make photos that don't convey the essential elements you're looking for. In addition, their photo editing skills may not be up to par with your preferences. It is important to ask the photographer for their wedding style in order to avoid this error.

Can You Provide a Full Wedding Gallery?

Many photographers have websites featuring a range of wedding photographs. However, these photos represent only a tiny portion of the wedding. It is not possible to rely on them to guide you in choosing the best photographer.

The best option is to request a complete wedding album. If the photographer isn't able to give you this gallery, then look for a different photographer who you can ensure that they will capture every single moment in your wedding.

A complete wedding gallery will also provide suggestions on the top local photoshoot spots. The goal is to choose amazing locations to host an unforgettable wedding.

What are the Wedding Collections You Will Receive?

Before you decide on the photographer you want, check out what wedding collections that they offer. The packages include the amount of time as well as additional photographers, engagement photos, as well as albums and prints. Others may include additional services such as videography and photo booth. It is important to evaluate the features and prices of these packages to choose the one that's best suited to your wishes.

To make your life easier, find an experienced photographer who is willing to tailor the wedding photography package to you and your wedding day. The goal is that you can modify the package to suit your needs.

Before you choose an option for your wedding photography, make sure you read the contract. Learn about the photographer's retainer fee, fees and refund policies as well as copyrights and printing rights. It is important to know in advance how much it will cost you to employ a certain photographer.

It is also important to understand what happens if you hire the photographer, and are required to cancel the contract prior to the day of your wedding.

What is the time frame to Receive Wedding Photos?

Following your wedding day The next step is receiving your wedding photos. It is possible to refresh your email several times a day to see whether the photographer has actually sent the photos. To avoid this hassle, you should ask the photographer ahead of time what time frame you will receive the edited images.

Use the above query to identify the perfect wedding photographer. You need to choose an expert with incredible Collections of wedding photography that meet your expectations. Contact us by calling Jerry Martin Photography to get amazing cost-effective wedding photography.



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Common Misconceptions about Wedding Photography


A Wedding day is likely to be one of the most unforgettable days in your lifetime, that you would like to record the entire day. As, getting married is not something that you can do on a regular basis.

If you're looking for the perfect wedding photographer to document your wedding day, you've likely found a wealth of details. The internet has a wealth of reliable information, but it also has a myriad of false information that might not work for you.

Find out more about the most popular photographs of weddings myths.

Family members and friends are able to Perform the Job

Whatever the situation and particulars of the circumstances, photographers have the education and knowledge to create stunning photos.

The non-experts can't always manage challenging lighting or angles, as do experts. In addition, they may face difficulties creating the exact ideas that wedding couples want.

The quality of photos is only dependent on the camera

Professionals who have years of experience can make photography seem effortless because they are knowledgeable. Professional photographers know how to tweak the equipment to get the best outcomes.

Additionally, professional photographers follow certain methods and regulations when using lenses and cameras.


Offer Your Photographer a Photo Check the following list

There may be an idea or scenes that you'd like captured on your wedding day, and that's helpful. But, telling your photographer Exactly what you want to capture isn't advised. It is possible that you will not communicate clearly, leading to frustration and time wasted possibly.

Let your photographer lead the way and loosen the reins. After all you paid them for their knowledge. It is best to let the photographer do what they are supposed to and let them delight you.

If you need to have an agenda, hand it to a friend or bridesmaid to collect people to shoot. This will help you reduce time and allow the professional to design the photographs that draw you into.

More Photos Are Better

You've probably heard it before. The more pictures you have the greater chance you'll find Instagram-worthy photos. However, this is not always the case.

Selecting a package that includes hundreds of photographs can make your photographer feel like they are required to capture as many pictures as they can. In the end, you may receive images you don't like or don't need.

Images are more about the quality of photos than quantity. Picking the best set of photographs for your wedding will enable your photographer to concentrate on the most important photos.

The More Expensive the Photographer, the better

In some instances, it is true that you get the value you get for your money. Professional photographers who are qualified are more expensive than others, however, is their service worth the cost? Keep in mind that just because some cost less doesn't mean that the service always matches their cost.

Selecting the best wedding photographer is about choosing one who will complement the tone and look you're going for on your wedding. Also, take note of the quality of your photos, as well as the editing. The photographer should be trustworthy enough to not compromise in order to make it easier for others.

Wedding Photographers only work on your Wedding Day

Many people think that photographers work only on weddings and then the album is released following the wedding.

A wedding is only the beginning. After the photo shoot, the photographer is required to complete a variety of tasks prior to delivering the photographs. The process begins with choosing the best photos and editing them, then adding effects, and then creating your wedding photo album. This usually requires a week or weeks. Therefore, it is important to keep patience.

If you have wedding photography queries that require clarification, don't hesitate to reach out to Jerry Martin Photography for more details.


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The photographer for your wedding is a crucial aspect of making your wedding unforgettable. What can you do prior to the photographer's arrival to ensure they get the most out of your wedding day? Here are seven steps that couples can take to get ready.


Add time to your Schedule

The photographer will need time to take perfect photos. You can ensure that they will have the time they need by incorporating them into the wedding schedule you have planned prior to the wedding date. In particular, wedding photographers typically require an hour for photographs while the bride and her attendants are getting ready. Also, taking photos of the wedding venue could take at most 30 minutes. Discuss with your photographer about time frames, and then you can make the event happen.

Arrange for Vendor Meals

Did you make sure all those working during the celebrations are hydrated and fed? Photographers, in particular, arenot likely to have the time to eat a healthy diet throughout the long hours of the wedding day. Make arrangements with your caterer so that they include meals for the other supporting staff for the event. Let the photographer as well as other attendees be aware of the plans.

An ideal opportunity for your photographer to grab a quick bite to eat is during the meal service when your guests are eating or waiting for food.

Create a Key Shot List

Your partner and you must decide in advance which pictures are the ones that are most significant to you. This list of wedding pictures shouldn't attempt to be comprehensive, however. Photographers have a good understanding of the most popular photos that people want. They also possess their own talents and ideas to create images they are confident will be great.

Your task is to make an inventory of the things you consider significant to you. In family photos such as, for example, you might want to take photos of certain people that aren't the norm. Make sure you get a shot of Grandpa performing the famous Chicken Dance. You might have an aspect of the location you enjoy. Perhaps you need to ensure that they capture the gorgeous shoes you purchased.

Designate a Liaison

While the couple at the wedding will spend a lot of time, in contact with their photographer and will be personally engaged, the photographer must also have a person who can be reached during other times. In the end, the couple will be extremely busy throughout the day. The liaison must be familiar with the majority of the wedding guests and family members in order to guide the photographer. They can make their final payments to photographers on behalf of couples. They should also be aware of the date and time of the wedding as well as the locations.

Get the details

The minute particulars of your wedding is one of the most important elements of your wedding album. Let your photographer take these details by collecting them and making them accessible to take pictures. For example, a bride will want to ensure that her veil, dress as well as shoes and jewelry are all in the same location and accessible to the photographer prior to when she begins getting ready. You can also set aside the favorites you would like to photograph.

Clean up spaces

The process of getting ready for a wedding is messy work however, it doesn't always result in beautiful photos. Clean and tidy the areas prior to starting the last part of the "getting ready" process. You could also ask that helpers maintain the appearance of the room while you're getting prepared. If the photographer is scheduled to create photos of your reception or ceremony before guests arrive, ensure you have it ready to take pictures before the time guests arrive.

The photographer will appreciate any effort made by the couple in making their job easier and more effective. 


Are you looking for more ideas to implement today? Begin by talking to an expert in the field. Jerry Martin Photography is here to assist. We'll work together to make sure that every moment of your special day are captured to create the rest of your life as amazing memories.



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Wedding Venues



From wine tastings to shopping, there are a variety of elements that help ensure that your wedding is a perfect one. However, an essential factor is choosing a location. If you and your partner are avid nature enthusiasts selecting an outdoor wedding location is sure to enhance the beauty of the wedding.

Las Vegas is known for the stunning views it offers. Here are some lovely wedding venues that are perfect for those who love nature and want to get married in Las Vegas.


Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire is located in a highly sought-after wedding area in Las Vegas because of its stunning sunset views. It's got incredible red sandstone structures that have been present since the time of dinosaurs, which was around 150 million years ago.

This amazing desert landscape with dazzling red sand dunes is the perfect location to say your vows with your partner. You will surely have the most unique and artistic wedding photos that include The Valley of Fire in the background.


Nelson Ghost Town

If you're an adventurous couple seeking an ideal location to hold your wedding, then look no further. Being married within a ghost city will be an unforgettable adventure for the couple. Nelson ghost town is a charming place with an incredible view of the historic buildings that provide the perfect backdrop for remarkable photos. It is possible to pose in front of an old truck or in the front of a fence. There are many other interesting things such as an old-fashioned gas station and an old car that are sure to make a fantastic backdrop for your photographs.


Hilton Lake Las Vegas

A wedding ceremony on the lake can be a dream come to life for couples who love nature. Hilton Lake Las Vegas allows couples to make their dream into reality. Hilton Lake offers three beautiful wedding venues for couples who like to have an outdoor wedding in the midst of the beauty of nature. Its Pavilion Lawn has a lush lake, and a waterfall along the shoreline with rose bushes that provide an amazing view.


Reflection Bay Golf Club

Just out of Las Vegas, Reflection Bay Golf Club provides a beautiful lakeside setting for couples to be married at. The stunning view of the lake is spectacular and makes for a breathtaking wedding location. Couples may also decide to hold their wedding ceremony on an unspoiled beach with white sand, as palm trees in green tower over the ceremony.


The Grove

The Grove provides an intimate wedding ceremony in a garden for couples. The tranquil and unique garden offers peace for couples during their wedding day. Keep the lights on as the time comes to say "I Do" and take a stunning photograph of your special moment.


Lakeside Weddings and Events

On the banks of Lake Jacqueline, Lakeside Weddings and Events are experts in weddings. They have a variety of outdoor wedding locations for couples who love nature. they can select which is the best fit for them. The wedding venue is surrounded by vast willows that are green, providing guests with a fairytale wedding experience. The couple will be able to tie the knot at the shore of a stunning lake view.

To capture the perfect wedding, you'll require a dream photographer.




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Capturing your Las Vegas Vacation | Tips from an experienced Las Vegas Photographer

In truth, these are frequently asked questions by customers and friends who say that their photos could be better than they'd like. Of course, experience and years are a big part of why I'm able to produce stunning images, but there are some easy tricks and techniques you can employ to take better photographs that capture the beauty of Las Vegas and our beautiful surrounding desert...


Camera equipment can make an impact.

The best photographs are always taken using an SLR or Mirrorless (or one with lenses you can alter). If you want to spend less money on your equipment, several affordable digital cameras can provide better-quality pictures than a point-and-shoot camera or a phone. Canon, Sony, and Nikon all offer lenses and an SLR kit ranging from $500 to $600. If you're looking to buy more compact, Fuji and Olympus have smaller mirrorless cameras that can produce excellent photographs. Even if you are using the cameras in auto-mode, the DSLR will always provide more depth of field and better quality in low-light conditions. In the end, you'll be able to start exploring shutter speeds, apertures, and lenses to achieve the appearance you desire. You could continue to follow these tips using a smartphone, too!

 Know shadows and highlights.

Have you ever attempted to capture a picture of yourself in shade or inside in bright light with an windows or background in front of you? The background is entirely white, and you appear to be very dark. This is because cameras aren't able to expose highlights or shadows. They can only perform either or both. If the structures in the background are located in the sun, then place yourself or your model in the shade. If the building in the background is in the shade, put yourself in the shade as well. You'll have a more even-looking image in that you can see both the subject and the background. If you're unable to place your body in the sun, and the environment isn't exposed to the sun, you can use a flash to brighten your subject.

 The time of day is vital.

Photographers prefer to shoot in the early hours of the day or around sunset for the most exciting cities or landscapes. The sky and clouds are more vivid. If you're looking to shoot the Strip at night , with lighting on, try it just before dusk, when there's still some color within the night sky. Use tripods if you have one, or simply put the camera on a wooden or window sill to ensure that you don't have any blur. The least flattering lighting for photographing anything or anyone in is usually during the midday hours. Sunlight at noon creates harsh dark shadows that are unforgiving to subjects.


Be sure to remember candids.

You'll probably need to take photos of your vacations and you taking pictures in front of     famous spots along the Strip. However, sometimes the most memorable shots are ones you   didn't know you took. You should have your camera on every day... change direction and snap a photo of your group walking through the Strip, or a unique artwork, a sign hanging on the wall, that incredible margarita you stopped for downtown, or even some random Elvis impersonator driving his Cadillac on the street. These are the images that will bring memories.


Find the unexplored areas.

Everyone takes a photo near the Welcome to Vegas sign, which I'm sure is a must-have; however there are numerous other places you can take photos that will reflect your Vegas vacation, be it in natural or an urban location. Find interesting lighting, angles, and higher vantage points to make your photos more exciting. Visit these locations: the Neon Museum, Red Rock National Conservation Area, Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town, The Foundation Room, Valley of Fire State Park, Lake Mead, East Fremont bars, as well as Henderson's Booze District Happy Hour on The High Roller, and the Arts District First Friday. Take a look at these specials for Vegas tours and other attractions for the places listed above.


Of course, if you're looking to make lasting memories, consider hiring professional photographers to take pictures of your family and friends while you travel! You'll be able to get some amazing images that you can post via social media, and perhaps, even brighten your holiday cards.



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Las Vegas is known as a place for high rollers, with gamblers and wealthy people enjoying the glamour and lux lifestyles. If you're planning to have your wedding within the city of Las Vegas, your wedding pictures can reflect the same status as a high-roller without having millions of dollars in the bank.
So with a bit of imagination, it is possible to enhance your photo shoots, create memorable wedding pictures ,and to get the most out of your day in sin city. Explore some ideas and strategies to collaborate with a photographer for photography ideas.


Luxury Car Rentals

Nothing screams a high-roller in Las Vegas more than pulling into a casino in a luxury vehicle. Adding a luxurious car is an ideal option to make a picture more attractive and offers a variety of options for posing with the vehicle. When you visit Las Vegas, you can discover many luxury car rental places which offer luxurious automobiles for one day, if required.
Think about renting luxury vehicles like a Porsche, Jaguar, or Lamborghini. If you decide to rent a car, make sure you consider the shade. If your wedding couple is wearing traditional black and white attire and a luxurious car that has a bright, vibrant colour will really stand out and make a stunning background for photos. You can also pick a color that is in line with your wedding colors or the colors of your flowers.
In addition to the exterior car photos, take into consideration interior photos. You could, for instance, hire a limousine ride for the night and take photographs taken from the back of the limo.


High-Rise Hotel Rooms

A luxurious suite is the hallmark of a high-end hotel in Las Vegas, but you do not need the most expensive rooms to show off the high-end lifestyle with your photographer. Ideally, you only require a room located on the top floor with good views of the Las Vegas strip. A photographer can create stunning images of a couple's wedding with Las Vegas in the background.
Photos taken through windows in hotels can be stunning at night. They are a great way to capture more peaceful moments such as the groom or bride getting ready for their wedding. If your room is equipped with an overhang or balcony then you'll have more opportunities for photographs. Higher rooms will be windier and have chances to take more striking pictures.


Night Shots

Photos of hotel rooms are be best taken at night, however, you can show off the high-end style by walking through the streets in Las Vegas for some pictures. Photographers can take photographs in front of one of the most luxurious resorts and hotels located in the Lasin Las Vegas area. Pose at the Bellagio Fountains or at a hotel like the Wynn.
The evening shots will show the lights that illuminate the city, and produce brilliant images. Make time to think about locations to visit and speak about the photographer's suggestions for spots to shoot.



Gambling Fun Shots

Playing and winning big is a significant aspect of the "high roller" status of Las Vegas. You can add some money to images to signify the high roller status. Go to the bank and get 50- and 100-dollar bills to pose in fun ways to take photos.
You should think about renting casino equipment as some casinos have a rule against professional photographs on the floor of the casino. There's the option of renting casino equipment and creating your own high-roller photos. Hire equipment such as poker tables or slot machines to make props for your background photos. Pose with the props or simply use them as interesting backgrounds. You can also use the props as part of your reception or ceremony.
Call us today at Jerry Martin Photography to schedule your photo shoot inspired by high rollers. Make plans, establish time frames, and let your dream become a reality with professional experience who understands what's happening in the Las Vegas area inside and out.


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Do I need a second photographer for my wedding  

Wedding First Dance photographyWedding First Dance photography


Because of the many decisions you are required to make, it can seem overwhelming to plan a wedding. You need to plan everything from selecting the right venue to hiring a photographer to capture your wedding. This is something most couples overlook. If you are still unsure if a second photographer is needed, John and Jane's Whatever Hotel Wedding will help you decide.

There will be many things that take place on your wedding day. You want to capture them all. Let's say your main photographer is focused on you and your partner. Your guests will be limited in photos in this scenario. Most couples who hire a second photographer love to see their guests' reactions in photos.


Coverage from various angles

John and Jane's romantic wedding vows were captured from different angles. A second photographer is required to capture the groom and bride's reactions during intimate moments.


Allows for two types of perspective

Having a unique perspective will help you add variety to the special moments of your memorable day. It is always a wonderful thing to see how other photographers capture the same subject in a unique yet complementary way. This will give the couple more chances to take great photos.


Can be used to cover larger areas

It can be challenging for one person to cover the entire area of a grand, elegant venue like the Whatever Hotel. A second photographer is recommended to capture every detail of your memorable celebration.

Saves you more time

A second photographer can save you time and help you to get the job done faster. This is evident in the getting-ready photos. We can simultaneously capture you both getting ready, since most couples prepare separately.



Every situation is possible. This includes having two cameras and backup batteries for the party. It can be comforting to have a backup. If something extraordinary happens in the lavatory you will still have someone to capture it!

We hope you can see why having a second photographer is so important for your special day. Let us capture your union authentically and authentically. Contact us for more details!


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Do I Really Need a Wedding Shot List?  


What's a wedding photography shot list?

Photographers will document every moment possible. However, if there is something you want to capture in particular, curating a list could help you make it happen. Knowing how busy you are on the day, a guide can help us ensure that we don't forget any special moment.


How to create a checklist?

It doesn't mean you have to be exact. Photographers will always capture the best moments. However, you can still indicate which shots you are most excited about. You can also tell us little details that have a significant meaning. You can use a gift from your parents, or your spouse to highlight it. You can still choose from 3-5 photos that you would like to display in a frame.


Why would you need a wedding shot list?

A shot list allows everyone to be prepared and makes it easy to plan. It was easy to have a guide for family and friends when taking portraits at Sofia and Juan's Red Rock Canyon Wedding. We were able to capture more images of the happy couple in the desert glow. The same goes for their elegant reception at Nora’s Italian Cuisine where group photos were taken. They also captured details of the Las Vegas wedding venue's decoration for them to keep in mind.

It can be difficult for photographers to keep track of every group shot or individual name without a checklist. If you only want candid shots, this might work, but if your goal is to take portraits with certain guests, a checklist for wedding photography will be necessary.

We are happy to discuss your photography requirements with John and Jane if you like the photos. We would love to capture your special day and help you create the perfect wedding shots list.



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Reasons to choose Vegas as THE CHOICE FOR A Wedding DESTINATION.


Your wedding day is among the most important days in your life. So why not make it more special with a wedding in a foreign country? Yes, you could! Or you can be married in the town you reside in, but you could choose to be more adventurous and hold a ceremony in Las Vegas and make your wedding day memorable.

Many reasons make Las Vegas the ideal venue for the perfect destination wedding. Here are some that will have you agreeing with us as well.


Perfect Weather

If you're looking to get married outdoors without worrying about the rain, then Las Vegas is the ideal location to hold it. The best times to have the perfect, sunny, and warm ceremony in Las Vegas are summer or fall. So imagine how wonderful your wedding would be without rain!


Amazing Venues

It is possible to have your wedding near locations such as the Grand Canyon or Valley of the Fire.. The possibilities are limitless. You can also get married on a helicopter. You don't see it all the time! Think of the stunning wedding pictures you will take in these venues!


Easily attainable marriage License

Las Vegas is one of the places where you can get a marriage license in a matter of minutes. You don't have to worry about residence requirements or waiting time. This is one of the finest reasons to select Vegas as your wedding destination.


All Sizes

There aren't any restrictions on the number of guests you would like to invite to your wedding. You can choose to have an intimate wedding with your closest family and friends or host a lavish, glamorous wedding celebration with all your loved ones and relatives. Las Vegas has venues to accommodate the number of guests you would like to invite to share in your special day.


With No Restrictions on Time

Do you dream of getting married under the stars of heaven? You can have it in Las Vegas. There is no limit regarding the time you can spend planning a wedding destination within Las Vegas. No matter what time of day, Vegas gives you the most stunning locations.


The Your Way

Las Vegas gives you the possibility to organize your wedding the way you want it. There aren't any fixed wedding services that you must adhere to. You are able to get married according to your preferences. They can provide wedding packages that meet your requirements.


Accessible Airfare

If you are planning a wedding in a foreign country, you and your guests need to travel to the wedding venue. Traveling to Paris for your wedding may put stress on your budget. Why should you go for a trip to France when you can have your personal Eiffel Tower in Vegas?

Your guests will not need to pay a lot for accommodations either. Hotels are readily available at all prices.


A Honeymoon to remember

A destination wedding means you don't have to travel to another place for your honeymoon. Which better destination than Vegas? Experience the breathtaking desert views and waterfalls that surround the city of adventure with exotic destinations. So , what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now You're going to Vegas. We also have the most professional photographers who will capture the special day.




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Some brides opt to have their makeup done by professional makeup artists on their wedding day. In contrast, other brides prefer to do their makeup themselves, so they can significantly influence the wedding appearance or reduce their wedding day costs.

If you are planning to use your own makeup on your wedding day, you should select the products you will use and apply techniques with care to ensure that your final look is well-photographed and remains on all day without the need for touch-ups.

Learn three tricks to create a flawless makeup look for that wedding day.

  1. Don't Use Makeup Ingredients that Help reflect the camera flashback.

Certain ingredients in makeup can cause the flash photography phenomenon referred to as camera flashback. The light produced by camera flashes can bounce off these ingredients and give what appears to be a white smudge on your face during your wedding pictures.

A few of the most common makeup ingredients known to cause camera flashbacks to include zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which are both found in many foundations and concealers that contain SPF as well as silica, which can be present in a few cosmetic settings and foundation powders.

To stop and avoid flashbacks from cameras, only wear shades and foundations that don't contain SPF during your wedding ceremony and switch the powder containing silica to one with cornstarch instead.

Also, use sparkly or glittery makeup products containing small amounts of mica. Mica has properties that reflect light which is why cosmetics contain it and appear to shimmer. If the bright light from the camera flash strikes mica particles, the shimmering appearance of these products can be amplified.

      2. You can contour your face to add Dimension to Photos.

Every face appears different in photographs than in daily life because photographs are two-dimensional images of faces. Brides are three-dimensional. You can try to counteract the lack of dimension in your images by carefully applying products for facial contouring to your face before the day of your wedding. If applied correctly the products will add facial contours to make up for the diminution of dimension in photographs.

Select a contouring cream for your face or powder that is slightly lighter than the skin. apply it to specific parts of the face. Some of these areas include the cheeks' hollows under your cheekbones, on between the bridges of your eyes, around your jawline, as well as across the upper part of your forehead, near the hairline.

You can also highlight certain parts of the face to enhance the facial shape. Pick a highlighter slightly less pronounced than the skin color. apply it on top of your cheekbones, down to the middle of your bridge nose, along the top of your cheek, and in the forehead's middle.

     3.  Set the trend with Makeup Primers and Setting Spray

If you typically do not use the use of setting sprays and primers that can extend the wear of your makeup, you should consider investing in one or two for that wedding day. Utilizing these products will help keep your makeup looking fresh during your wedding day ceremony and photo shoots as well as the reception.

Foundation primers are made up of ingredients that will help the foundation stick to your skin in a way that will ensure that it lasts longer. They also help absorb the natural oil that's produced by your skin throughout the day to prevent the oil from destroying your foundation.

A primer for eye shadows typically produces a slightly tacky film on your eyelids, which helps eyeshadow eye shadows stick to your eyes properly and stay put throughout the daytime.

When you apply a thin mist of setting spray onto your face following makeup application, the spray forms the appearance of a film, which helps extend the lifespan of your makeup further.

If you're planning to apply your makeup on your big day, follow these three guidelines to get a flawless makeup look that is photo-ready and lasts throughout the day and into the night. 

Contact the experts of Jerry Martin Photography to book our skilled wedding photographers now.



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Wedding Posing Tips for Stunning Photos Bridal Photography shootBridal Photography shoot


The best day of your life is here and all the joy will be visible in the wedding photos as well, since there's no doubt that the memories you make will last for the rest of your life. The most skilled photographers are able to capture those magical moments. Here are some wedding tips on posing that will aid you in getting stunning wedding pictures to add to your album.

Touch up the Touch up

We've seen a lot of photos of people in groups that are standing distant from each other. It appears like they've just fought or have walked into the shot in error! Contact with the group shot can turn the look of the photo from boring to beautiful. A phrase such as "come on, they're not going to hurt you. Be closer to one another" will not only cause people to laugh and result in a beautiful photograph.

It's the Look Away

It is possible to capture gorgeous photos by asking your couple to turn their eyes away towards the camera. Request them to look at their shoes or over their shoulders. When they turn their eyes off, take a picture of the moment.

First Dance 

The first dance typically takes place during the reception. You could take an alternative option and ask your couple to practice their dance in the privacy of all of the guests. Instead of offering them tips on wedding posing and tricks, have them dance as if no one was watching. If you have a balcony you can take that image from the top.

The Walk Away

You don't want the "forced to be natural'' for the photo kind of picture. The best method to avoid this is to inform the couple to leave and to talk about their plans for the future. Also, take a photo moment when they're returning. It's not much more natural than this.

The Spin

If the bride wears an elegant dress, you can use the dress to benefit. A great wedding pose is to request her to dance at a steady pace. When she's having fun and smiling, capture this moment in time and preserve the moment forever.


The most successful photographers make use of props to make their photos more original. There are many props you can offer to your couples to take pictures with for example, frames, umbrellas or props for typography. These funny and fun photos can brighten anyone's day.

Make Eyes Smiling

Tyra Banks introduced the term "smize with your eyes" that is, smiling at your eyes. A good wedding posing suggestion is to have the bride relax her face while smiling by placing her hand on her hip, and then tilting her head towards the camera.

Lying in the Grass

To create a unique and fun photograph Ask the couple to lay on the grass with their heads together in opposite directions. Then ask them to look at each other's eyes , and then capture the moment in time.

Hand Kiss

Make sure you capture the perfect fairytale photo by inviting the groom to sit up on his knees to hold the hand of the bride. This momentous moment will become one of the most cherished moments in their wedding albums.

The Almost Kiss

The"almost kiss" is among the most popular wedding pictures. The couple should be asked to get close to one another, but not to kiss. This is a great time to take a photo.

These stunning photos will be ideal for your wedding album. If you're keen to preserve these precious memories for the rest of your time take a moment to let us assist you. we'll make it memorable!


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Elopement Photographer vs Traditional Photographer


You are curious about the differences in wedding photographers and elopement photographers. Maybe you are confused about who to hire for your big event?

If so, you're in the right place! We will be comparing the services of two photographers in this blog post.

But before you understand the differences, let's first define what an elopement is and what a regular wedding is. Both events follow a different path.

Elopements are intimate, meaningful weddings that are personal and memorable for the couples. Elopements do not involve regular weddings, which require guests to be invited. The entire process is intimate and involves often only the bride or the groom. Locations chosen for elopement tend to be peaceful, idyllic, or tranquil. You can elope anywhere you want with the love of your life. It doesn't matter if you want to elope in stunning mountains or on pristine turquoise lakeshores. Elopements can be described as a wedding celebration without a reception, first dance or speeches. It centers around the couple.

However, regular wedding celebrations include all the traditions of the past and present, and a guest count that can range from 50 to 200+.


What is an elopement photographer, you ask?

Elopement photographers are those who specialize in photographing elopements, intimate locations, and micro-weddings. These photos capture the intimate, unique experience of lovebirds.

And a regular wedding photographer?

A wedding photographer is usually hired for 8 hours to capture the day's events. This includes capturing the most important moments of the wedding ceremony and reception, as well as the First Dance, Family Portraits, getting-ready photos, bridal party photographs and many other special moments.



What's the difference between these two photographers?


Elopement photographers can sign marriage certificates and offer suggestions on how to tie the knot in a unique manner. Elopement photographers can also assist with the planning process, such as helping you to find your dream location and planning a timeline. Hire an elopement photographer if you plan to marry the love of your lives at an idyllic location.

If you are looking for traditional wedding ceremonies and have plans to host more than 30 people, then you should consider hiring a wedding photographer. These photographers are great if you're getting married in a wedding venue such as a church, garden, barnyard, or manor house. You can also hire a photographer to help you capture the most special moments, from the getting-ready photos to the exit with the sparklers.

I hope you find the above article on the differences between wedding and elopement photographers helpful. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Let's make your dream wedding photos together!







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Las Vegas Wedding Photography Jerry is the best! We had the pleasure of booking him for engagement and wedding photos. We had a bit of crazy day for our engagement photos and Jerry not only was flexible and creative with the situation but we got amazing photos out of it. At our wedding our guests complimented how fun he was and he has such an eye for detail! I am beyond thankful for finding Jerry and I am happy that we will have Jerry -Bianka & Leif Las Vegas Wedding Photography Las Vegas Wedding Photography Las Vegas Wedding Photography Las Vegas Wedding Photography

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