The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

Built-in 1906, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino is authentically vintage Las Vegas, as it is one of the first casinos in town that is still in operation. It is located on the other side of Fremont Street, which is an ideal backdrop for Las Vegas pictures. Photographs can be taken from the outside of the casino and across from the casino to capture the entire casino as a background.

When you enter the casino, it features many antique decorations and features that could become an integral part of your photography. You can even reserve rooms in the hotel to take beautiful photos in old-fashioned rooms. When you dress in vintage wedding dresses or even the retro casino could be incorporated into the pictures, particularly with black and white images.

The Neon Museum

Pose with a true traditional aspect in Las Vegas at the Neon Museum. When casinos were shut down throughout the decades, the museum started collecting the famous casino signs. Visitors can visit the museum, view the lights illuminated and make them backdrops for wedding photographs.

Signs can be found in a variety of vintage Las Vegas locations, like the Moulin Rouge and or the Stardust casino, as well as the more traditional Caesar’s Palace décor. The museum lets you schedule private photography sessions, so you will have ample time to wander around the area, explore, and get your best images.

One of the major attractions for the exhibit is its outdoor space that is on the ground. The signage are placed in the ground so that it is possible to walk up to them and take a photo with all the lighting and colors. The outdoor setting offers photographers the chance to utilize natural light to create beautiful photos to show off your Vegas wedding.

The Nevada State Museum

Another museum that has authentic Las Vegas relics is the Nevada State Museum. The entire wing that‘s devoted to the development and development in Las Vegas, including old slot machines, decorations as well as large photographs that depict the town from years ago. You can take many photos inside the museum while capturing the essence that is Las Vegas.

The rotating exhibits can also include traditional Las Vegas attractions. If you check out the schedule of the museum and exhibits, you will be able to find ones that will match your ideas for wedding pictures and prepare according to your needs. Ideally, you would like exhibits that have huge displays and props that will improve the quality of the photos you shoot.

Coin-operated Slot Machines

Before digital slots became a commonplace at Las Vegas, a lot of machines used coins as the basis for technology. Reels of old were able to spin, stop, and create an atmosphere as the coins fell into trays after a player took home. Although many slot machines are no more in operation you can still find casinos that have real-time coin-based slot machines.

The El Cortez Hotel & Casino has a few rows of the old slot machines that are still operating. The machines are illuminated and provide bright and vibrant images to photograph. Each casino has its own regulations regarding shooting near gaming machines So, you’ll need to speak with a casino and obtain permission prior to organizing your wedding photo shoot.

If you are granted permission, be patient, search for the perfect location and utilize the old slots to be a crucial part of your photography.

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