3 Tips For Perfect Makeup On Your Wedding Day


Some brides opt to have their makeup done by professional makeup artists on their wedding day. In contrast, other brides prefer to do their makeup themselves, so they can significantly influence the wedding appearance or reduce their wedding day costs.

If you are planning to use your own makeup on your wedding day, you should select the products you will use and apply techniques with care to ensure that your final look is well-photographed and remains on all day without the need for touch-ups.

Learn three tricks to create a flawless makeup look for that wedding day.

1. Don’t Use Makeup Ingredients that Help reflect the camera flashback.

Certain ingredients in makeup can cause the flash photography phenomenon referred to as camera flashback. The light produced by camera flashes can bounce off these ingredients and give what appears to be a white smudge on your face during your wedding pictures.

A few of the most common makeup ingredients known to cause camera flashbacks to include zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which are both found in many foundations and concealers that contain SPF as well as silica, which can be present in a few cosmetic settings and foundation powders.

To stop and avoid flashbacks from cameras, only wear shades and foundations that don’t contain SPF during your wedding ceremony and switch the powder containing silica to one with cornstarch instead.

Also, use sparkly or glittery makeup products containing small amounts of mica. Mica has properties that reflect light which is why cosmetics contain it and appear to shimmer. If the bright light from the camera flash strikes mica particles, the shimmering appearance of these products can be amplified.

2. You can contour your face to add Dimension to Photos.

Every face appears different in photographs than in daily life because photographs are two-dimensional images of faces. Brides are three-dimensional. You can try to counteract the lack of dimension in your images by carefully applying products for facial contouring to your face before the day of your wedding. If applied correctly the products will add facial contours to make up for the diminution of dimension in photographs.

Select a contouring cream for your face or powder that is slightly lighter than the skin. apply it to specific parts of the face. Some of these areas include the cheeks’ hollows under your cheekbones, on between the bridges of your eyes, around your jawline, as well as across the upper part of your forehead, near the hairline.

You can also highlight certain parts of the face to enhance the facial shape. Pick a highlighter slightly less pronounced than the skin color. apply it on top of your cheekbones, down to the middle of your bridge nose, along the top of your cheek, and in the forehead’s middle.

3. Set the trend with Makeup Primers and Setting Spray

If you typically do not use the use of setting sprays and primers that can extend the wear of your makeup, you should consider investing in one or two for that wedding day. Utilizing these products will help keep your makeup looking fresh during your wedding day ceremony and photo shoots as well as the reception.

Foundation primers are made up of ingredients that will help the foundation stick to your skin in a way that will ensure that it lasts longer. They also help absorb the natural oil that’s produced by your skin throughout the day to prevent the oil from destroying your foundation.

A primer for eye shadows typically produces a slightly tacky film on your eyelids, which helps eyeshadow eye shadows stick to your eyes properly and stay put throughout the daytime.

When you apply a thin mist of setting spray onto your face following makeup application, the spray forms the appearance of a film, which helps extend the lifespan of your makeup further.

If you’re planning to apply your makeup on your big day, follow these three guidelines to get a flawless makeup look that is photo-ready and lasts throughout the day and into the night.

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